Mission Statement

LawOak Images is a studio dedicated to making artistic prints. If two people find themselves looking at an object, they seldom share the same vision. Each may find a nuance; a subtle detail perhaps others have overlooked. A subject expresses emotion. These emotions are what I try to capture. I believe there is somewhere within the marketplace for my work. I believe the time has come to extend myself. Please accept my offerings. LawOak

My name is LawOak.

I live in Utah. Photography has been my passion for the past 25 years. During the past five years, I have come to rely upon Sony Alpha DSLR cameras and Minolta Maxxum lenses.

I grew up in San Francisco during the sixties. A time of enlightenment. A time of magic. Alas, without a camera.

I studied English, History and Philosophy at Utah State University. Great school, nice community. My career was in sales and retail. In 1996, at last I had a camera. An Olympus OM 2N with a 50mm Zukio lens. I made every mistake imaginable and more than a few hard to imagine. The first shot I still keep today was taken at the Great Salt Lake in 1999.

I regard a camera as an artist’s canvas, a lens as a brush. A subject may fascinate me. Stir my emotions with awe. It is the emotion I work to capture. Should someone, viewing an image of mine, have an emotional connection as well, I succeeded in my objective.

My primary medium is water, often reflections. As well, I do landscapes and nature. Abstraction and tinting are wonderful challenges. I forget myself; I love photographing autos.

I welcome you to the LawOak gallery. There is much beauty in nature. Beauty to be discovered and shared. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself.

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