ALASKA 2016 September

I have more photos on my website lawoak images photographic than any other venue. When I was dating Sandi, my late wife, this was the vacation to surpass all others. In 2017 we wed. I lost her in 2019 to a lingering illness.

This was our only real get away. We boarded the Star Princess in Vancouver BC, and a week later,  our land excursion took us from Denali to Fairbanks. We arrived in mid September as fall was just beginning. A fortnight later we returned home just as winter set in.

Alaska is the last frontier. Nature and beauty was abundant. In Juneau, bald eagles roosted on utility poles and in trees. Nature and wilderness coexisted, embraced. Locals we met were of the land. No matter the conditions, they were in a state of grace. This flat footed tourist was the only one displaced.

Would I return? Perhaps. I recall our first day at sea: How tranquil the North Pacific sighed. More than 1400 nautical miles northwest of my native San Francisco, I rediscovered the Blue. More to the point, the Blue remembered me. I repeatedly wiped sea spray from my eye.

Therefore, to me, Alaska was the Blue. The Blue emoted to me. Each Oceanscape, glacier and fjord brought the Blue to life.